Rejoinders – Learning Styles and bovver boys

Comment one

One “side” approaches T&L from a scientific POV, the other from a sociological POV. You won’t agree as you are arguing past each other.

Rejoinder one

To afford the UK Push the status of a side is to elevate them beyond their competence. They are not my interlocutors.  Education brings many perspectives, of which Australia has an abundance. My interlocutors include:

  • anybody seeking to engage for new objective, social and personal understandings
  • philosophers from analytics and continental (German & French) perspectives, including feminists and post-colonialists
  • academics from education and other perspectives (plus their literature)
  • educational theorists on validity and approaches to argument
  • curriculum developers
  • test developers
  • teachers and early childhood workers working from an ethic of care
  • educational leaders including leading teachers, principals, regional, state and federal managers
  • organisations implementing global assessments
  • organisations implementing national assessments
  • state organisations implementing secondary school certificates
  • schools performing evaluations
  • teachers assessing in the classroom
  • parents of infants who are required to assess their new born
  • bureaucracies coordinating resources for school systems
  • teachers of initial teacher education
  • professionals providing professional development and coaching to the teaching workforce
  • teacher organisations and unions
  • authorities that develop teacher education standards
  • higher education providers that implement teacher education standards
  • human resource units the support teachers
  • employ health and safety organisations that seek to support teachers, particularly to address bullying

There over 300,000 across 8 states and territories, plus those working in higher education, bureaucracies and consultancy roles, that provide for a diverse Australian educational landscape. Whenever I engage with these interlocutors I am regularly humbled by their depth of knowledge and expertise.

The UK Push are thugs seeking to pillory and vilify those working in the Australia’s education sector, they are not seeking to constructively engage with it. They do not represent any side or perspective.

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